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Payouts and League fees

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1 Payouts and League fees on Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:57 pm

Darth Guzzlord

Hey dudes,

I've posted a column from the spreadsheet I've put together which detail's the amounts owing and to-be-paid for the league this year. I've combined the remaining payment from this season with the $100 fee for next year. I've also factored in any money each team has won to come up with this number.

You'll see that there are six teams who are in bold - these are the six teams that are due payment above and beyond the final payment for this year, and the $100 fee for next year. These teams do not need to send any money, even though it reads that they do below. It's just the way I had to work the numbers out.

Please let me know how and when you will be able to pay league fees for the upcoming season. The sooner the money comes in the sooner those six teams get paid. I am also going to put a final deadline of May 21st for payment for next year. If you haven't paid by then, or made arrangements with me, you'll potentially give up your franchise to the next GM in waiting.

Hope everything is clear - send me a note if it's not.



Avengers $89.38
Boba Fetts $120.16
Cobras $118.20
Cowboys $81.33
Darth Guzzlord $119.52
Martians $94.00
Dynamoe $105.07
Going Luongo $33.58
Growlers $124.22
guerillas $53.52
gunners $58.93
IRF $122.67
Krasniya Armiya $124.15
Millionaires $113.63
Newfie Bullets $77.40
Pangha Man $122.60
Pimpin aint Parise $36.26
Potamus Prime $123.44
Screaming Trees $90.01
Wardogs $116.67
SkilleZ $123.73
Space Dust $90.24
triniposse $99.40
Vancouver Jets $55.19

Here are the payout $ for those six teams:

Darth Guzzlord 116.87
Growlers 47.70
IRF $221.17
Krasniya Armiya $26.28
Potamus Prime $510.52
SkilleZ $5.21
2013-14 CEL payouts and league fees.xlsx
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